Metamask Wallet Woocomrece wordpress

Simplest Multi-currency wallet for WordPress. (step by step guide here).

You can add any token from, (or your own ERC20 or BEP20 token), Matic tokens. All other cryptocurrencies are not supported

Metamask Wallet Woocomrece wordpress
Cryptocurrency wallet.
Your users can store Bitcoin and custom assets

Metamask Wallet Woocomrece wordpress
Visa/MC integration

Allow users to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT using a credit card (without sending documents). Sell your own ERC20 token for ETH (client can buy ETH instantly then exchange to any token – see demo exchange form)

Metamask Wallet Woocomrece wordpress

ERC20 wallet

Are you an ERC20 owner? Create a branded ERC20 wallet on your own domain. Allow users to exchange tokens to/from eth (and VISA)

Buy/Sell assets . (Exchange widget)


Other Features

– Light/Dark theme (possible to set “only light” or “only dark” option)
– Add own ERC20 token, BSC asset
– Enable disable registration
– Add admin comission (to earn)


q: Who controls a wallet?
a: user. private keys stored in his browser’s localstorage, the user must save his keys.

How can i trust you?
We have hundreds of installations all over the world and good reviews

Can we integrate your wallet directly inside our website allowing users to transfer from A to B on OUR website?

How to create own token? (set in form: decimals: “18”, name:”example”, initialSuply:1000000, totalSuply:1000000 )

Is it non-custodial wallet?

How can admin earn on this plugin?
a: You can setup transaction’s comission. See Screenshotvideo

Where are bitcoins stored? on bitpay? Is it non-custodial wallet?
Our wallet is non-custodial wallet. How it works

Can i see the admin panel?
Admin’s fee:

All the deposits and withdrawals are automatic?
yes, transactions are sent to a network immediately

Should the admin maintain a reserve of bitcoin for sale via VISA/MC?
No, sales are automatically perform through the service (they forward bitcoins from

The members have the possibility to open this wallet on other wallet with their private keys?
Yes (Electrum, Metamak, Myetherwallet etc…)

I didn’t see the “backup your private keys” banner
Looks like you’ve already save your keys. Clear local data and refresh the page (,Click%20Clear%20data.)

Can i change a footer? You can place HTML code there. Example

Can i edit the wallet page like all other WordPress pages?
The app uses bitcoin.js library for processing users bitcoin addresses (sending/receiving), also we use ReactJS, these libraries work in the frontend (in the user’s browser) and it’s impossible to implement WordPress’s hooks inside because all hooks work in the backend.

Is it possible to use woocommerce payment gateway to deposit real currencies
Use this plugin

Does the app support BSC and BEP20 tokens?
BSC and BEP20 are supported

Why i need to renew support?
By default, you pay for 6-month support which included fast updates of the plugin (we make changes almost every day). An expired license does not affect functionality also you still available to download the latest version from codecanyon (but new versions come out with a delay because require moderation and manual actions).

What is “recommended exchange rate” in admin panel in the token form
the price of token which uses only to calculate “total balance” in the wallet (but not connected wallet, only internal balance affected). does not affect anything else.

Metamask Wallet Woocomrece wordpress

Additional information


CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files


Full Document + installation guide





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Crypto Exchange Script | Metamask Swap plugin WordPress - Metamask Swap plugin Wordpress
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  • Visa/MC integration
  • ERC20 wallet
  • Buy/Sell assets . (Exchange widget)
  • Light/Dark theme
  • Add own ERC20 token, BSC asset
  • Enable disable registration
  • Add admin comission (to earn)
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