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Kickstart your online gaming business with our full fledged software solution – packed with cost-effective bonus systems of acquiring a solid player base and entice them to play your games, completely modular built. Adding, removing or editing any features is simpely done from your operating panel.

General Features

Heya, the general features are below. Take in mind there are many other features and this is just those that are important that come at mind.

Our chat propagates not only the winners showing their win and enticing other players to gamble, but also we keep your players glued to the screen with our trivia bot and rain event.

Then about the sticker shop, your players are able to buy “stickers” – custom emoji’s, smileys or however you want to call them. You can upload pictures or gifs and sell them to players to unlock for use by them in chat. We advise to upload a ton of them and charge your players for bonus currency to unlock emoji’s. You can set price and currency for each sticker as you wish.



Each player has a profile others can view, unless player decides to hide their profile and their name from others in the settings page.

Players can also access their sticker collection, view their VIP progress, change their avatar, change their name and link Google & Discord account.

Players can change their own provably fair client seed at any point.

13 Popular Games















Payment support

Qiwi – Bank Card – Payeer – AdvCash – Perfect Money – Zcsh – Exmo – Perfect Money – CryptoCurrency – nowpayments – Freekssa

CryptoCurrency : Offering multiple cryptocurrencies for users to be in is important as this allows users to send smaller bits of currency they may have laying around and have no use for and it also allows users to bet and win their favorite coins. The iBlockShop system makes it easy to manage and store multiple cryptocurrencies securly and uses third party apis to automate the whole process.


Provably fair 

All iBlockShop games run on our provably fair kernel. We have published the provably fair kernel, more over players can change their client seed. There is a provably fair calculator so players can check back their past game results and verify real RNG.

We are proud to say that our provably fair kernel, is officially certified in compliance with the applicable requirements of the regulations of highly regulated online gambling jurisdictions.


Oauth allows you to register users with one click via different social media platforms such as Facebook and Google, this means new users can register on your website instantly without signing up and verifying an email address which converts into more revenue generated.

Bonus Systems

The bonus systems on your bitcoin casino is one of the most important aspect to remember, by offering rewards to your users for completing certain milestones and acheivements or using small amounts of free crypto currency to entice users to use and test your casino.



Make It Rain

Everyone loves when you make it rain, this tool allows you to setup bonuses for users when they talk in the chat, you can give away coins and do airdrops, another built in marketing tool with a low cost and high return on investment available with the iBlockShop system.


Offering a free bitcoin faucet is one of the most effective ways of marketing your websites as users will be incentived to visit daily and try your different gambling games and this will also help make your new casino look more active.

VIP Program

To get those higher rollers in you will need a VIP program and the iBlockShop system offers a simple and effective way to manage your high rollers by offering custom and predefined values to cashback, level up bonuses and rakeback and by offering bonuses to your big spenders you will create massive amounts of turnover for your new crypto casino.

VK Bot is a very popular east european social media website and iBlockShop provides a tool for users to connect and join via VK which will allow you to promote on the platform and convert users instantly along with allowing your users to communicate about, discuss and promote your casino on the vk network.


Offering high rakeback for high rollers is important as most casinos offer big discounts for whales who like to gamble big, the iBlockShop system allows you to fully customize the amount of cash back you want to offer your gamblers and allows you to set custom amounts for certain users along with a number of options that allow you to create any type of bonus or rakeback system you can imagine.

Affiliate System

Affiliate marketing will be your most important tool when promoting your online casino, it’s the most cost effective way to get your brand out there and by using the iBlockShop system you will also be using a powerful affiliate marketing system that allows you to generate profits on auto pilot.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are another unique way to market your website, by providing unique bonuses websites and affiliate marketers can offer unique custom codes to users and bonus coupon websites can list your casino, our system allows you to easily create unique custom codes with different bonus levels and then promote these to users across your marketing channels.

Admin Panel

iBlockShop has a powerful operating panel that allows you to manage your crypto casino from one place. View stats, payouts, big wins, funds in and out, transactions, add bonuses and rewards, run competitions, airdrops, marketing campaigns , manage bots and add fake bots or fake cha and so much more.

You can send your users notifications, you can change your oAuth settings, you can see your server logs. and more. This is the heart of your operation.

Stats are important because as they say, knowledge is power and when dealing with large amounts of money you need up to date real time stats showing you how your casino is operating. We have created a powerful tool for tracking and managing your users, marketing campaigns, funds, load in your Google analytics data and much more.

Full control of all modes
(From here you can set the percentage of win or lose users)



Stats are important because as they say, knowledge is power and when dealing with large amounts of money you need up to date real time stats showing you how your casino is operating. We have created a powerful tool for tracking and managing your users, marketing campaigns, funds, load in your Google analytics data and much more.


Smart Bot & Chat System

New system of smart bots. A random number of bots are created that will play and write various messages to the chat, which creates an emulation of a live site
Auto-selection and auto-bets in modes



Your player’s withdrawal request will end up here, you can set roles for your administrative staff to only access this panel. Will show past withdrawals.

User Management

Check up specific user information, also includes fraud detection. You can also specifically look into each and every game the user has played.
Manage Balance,Level,information,User Level – Send Notifications

Additional information


Extended License, Full source



Full Document + installation guide


CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files




Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari

Live Demo + Admin

Demo Access

Live Demo :

Admin UserName : iBlockShop

Admin Password : iBlockShop123

Admin dashboard url :

  • Author’s gravatar
    3 years ago

    I received a complete script with an easy installation and ready made guide. No confusing no weird thing. It is all a complete website with all the features which I love it.

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    Very helpful guys. Uploaded and installed the script for me and set my site setting. Very excited

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    I bought this script, but I do not know anything about servers and vps
    Can you install it for me?
    Where can I buy a server?

    • Author’s gravatar
      2 years ago

      you can buy vps server from
      After buy send your server details to our telegram or whatsapp to setup Script

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    This is one of the best orders I have ever had in my entire life. It is changing my life totally. I turned to be an entrepreneur very fast. The best part is the script is doing 95% of the job itself.

  • Author’s gravatar
    Edzon N
    2 years ago

    Everything perfect. solid script

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    I bought it but couldn’t find how to install it as I am not an installation professional. They installed it for me and teach me how to install it for the next time if needed. Also, it works very well.

  • Author’s gravatar
    Hentai Hentai
    2 years ago

    Good script, many games, and my gamblers are all happy. And I earn money definitely.

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    looks good
    I’m going to buy

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    Very fast response and installation went smooth in a couple of hours. The website is working fine now. Thanks

  • Author’s gravatar
    2 years ago

    thank you for helping, great and script run very fast

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